Free and Reduced-price Meal Policy for the 2018 - 2019 School Year

The Pendleton County Board of Education has adopted the following family-size income criteria for use in determining participant eligibility for free and reduced-price meals and free milk. Guidelines to determine participant eligibility are based on family size and annual family income before deductions.

For more information concerning this program, contact Emmy Champ, Director of Child Nutrition.
Phone: (304) 358-7072 • E-mail

Your children may qualify for free or reduced-price meals
if your household income does not exceed the limits on this chart.
Eligibility for Free or Reduced-price Meals
Federal Income Chart

For School Year July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019
Household Size
one person
$22,459 $1,872 $  432
two people


$  586
three people
$38,443 $3,204 $  740
four people
$46,435 $3,870 $  893
five people
$54,427 $4,536 $1,047
six people
$62,419 $5,202 $1,201
seven people
$70,411 $5,868 $1,355
eight people
$78,403 $6,534 $1,508
Each additional person, add:
$  7,992 $   666 $   154

Consult the Application for twice per month
and every two weeks income guidelines.
Before the beginning of the school year, application forms and pertinent information will be mailed to parents. Anyone who does not received an application at the start of school and who wishes to apply for free or reduced priced meals or free milk may contact the Board of Education office or the school that the child attends for proper forms. APPLICATIONS CAN NOW BE ACCESSED ONLINE!.

Online Application for Free-Reduced Applications


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